Cyber Security / Risk Services

Cyber Security / Risk Services

A rapidly changing threat landscape can be countered with equally matching, if not better, cyber security strategy and controls to successfully protect your organization. You, therefore, need a partner with deep expertise and extensive experience in cyber security to fill the voids in your cyber security / IT Risk programs and capabilities.

BizNxt has your back!

We not only leverage our skill-set and our experience, but also our partnership with companies providing the tool-kit to identify the bad guys and keep them away from your organization, so that you can focus on what you do best.

BizNxt’s Cyber Security Services

  • Strategy & Gap Analysis. 
    We help you set the cyber security / risk management strategy that aligns with your business goals. We then study existing controls and identify the gaps between them and strategy. This will be the take-off point for your security program. We can also help you set up a Cyber Security / Risk CoE.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.
    We can provide white / black / grey box PENTEST of your systems or conduct a vulnerability assessment as per your requirements. The detailed report thereafter will contain steps and measures to mitigate / reduce the risk.
  • Compliance.
    Do you need ISO 27001 auditing? Or GDPR services? We can work with your teams to ensure that your business is compliant so that your customers and other stakeholders are assured.
  • Security Implementation.
    Use our deep expertise in tools and products to help you make informed decisions about the technology and solutions that are right for you…at the right ROSI (Return on Security Investment)!
  • Incident Management.
    We can conduct BIA and help you setup teams for incident response and remediation to get your business back on track in case of any attacks. We will also help conduct tabletop exercises, and simulations so that your organization is prepared.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM).
    We will analyze your access control policies and then based on any voids identified, implement IAM systems that takes into account risk and opportunities.
  • Training.
    It’s cliched to say that humans are the weakest link in the cyber security / risk chain. We, therefore, also provide training for your staff to develop a ‘security culture’ in your company, thus reducing risk to a large extent.