Open Source Solutions and Services

Open Source Solutions and Services

Businesses across the globe are facing increased pressure to lower their IT costs while achieving their strategic goals. BizNxt can help your organization achieve that objective by leveraging our extensive experience in the open source tool-kit. Open source software is ‘free’ (as in freedom of usage and editing), but requires know-how to implement and customize to your requirements and hence is worth the investment as compared with proprietary software.

Contact us for your requirements whether your entity is large or small, a for-profit firm or a small school. We will begin by understanding your IT needs and then propose open source solutions to fullfil them. For those who require additional assistance in terms of hand-holding, we will provide it throughout – right from project pre-award stage to delivery.

BizNxt Open Source Service Offerings

Server Stack & Virtualiation
Whether you need a web-server running LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), LEMP (replace Apache with Nginx) or a virtualization solution such as KVM or Docker, we got your back. Want it implemented on AWS or DigitalOcean? No problem…

CMS (Content Management System)
Let your content shine and leave your website’s “nuts and bolts” to us. We implement your website / blog using the very popular WordPress CMS. Simply login and enter your text and media for the world to see. If you would like an alternative CMS say, Joomla or Drupal, we can do that too.

E-Commerce & CRM
We implement your online e-commerce presence using Magento and WooCommerce for WordPress. For CRM, we use the popular SugarCRM.

We can deploy an email solution for your organization using RoundCube and Zimbra. Your users can access their business email using their browser. Want a simpler solution? We will setup Gmail for Business (Gsuite) powered by none other than the mighty Google.

E-Learning / LMS (Learning Management System)
Do you want to provide a platform for instructors and students online? We can develop your LMS using MOODLE which will provide teachers a way to setup their courses which students can subscribe to and learn.

Cyber Security
Keep your organization’s IT systems secure by deploying OSSIM, OpenVAS, Nmap / Zenmap, Metasploit etc. Alternatively, contract us for your vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) requirements.

Why not try survey / feedback using LimeSurvey, help-desk / ticketing using OsTicket, collaboration using phpcollab and more…do you have a requirement that is not mentioned here? Contact Us and we will come back with a solution. Or you can read more about them at